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About Us

Fairness is part of our vision

Onviga wants to present travel information in a fair, simple and transparent. Benefits are shared with the members of our community who love to fly, to stay at great hotels and to visit the most exciting places on this planet. We believe in a sharing economy in which the exchange of travel data and the way we trade such information, must be co-developed with all stakeholders. Onviga stands for optimism, harmony and a sustainable lifestyle. We believe in performance and the need for protection and security which can only be achieved when our processes focus on the essential. For this reason, we are refraining from dubious business practices such as stalking debt collection, covert subscriptions and in-product purchasing models. Travellers should enjoy booking with us, anytime, anywhere.

Be active

The path to travel information is often frustrating for the user, especially when different formats are mixed together or only time-consuming steps lead to the search result. Onviga has decided to display information in a simple and comprehensible form. For example as a printable list, for download and for personal use on a mobile device. If more details are needed here, you can use further contact information or other important information about the hotel COMP CARD, such as hotel dates, press announcements or photos.

Shaping profiles

The hotel COMP CARD is especially effective for companies and individuals who do not have their own internet presence and for those who want check the data used on the Internet. In order to actively involve the owner of the data in the design and marketing, everyone can register with Onviga. By logging in, each member is given the opportunity to edit his/her personal data profile on the COMP CARD to filter his/her web presence by restricting certain information or by increasing additional information. Blocked details are not displayed in any of our queries or on the COMP CARD.

Honourable merchants

Onviga was founded in 2015 by Hanse merchants and computer scientists, who have committed themselves to the principles of shared economy. We see Onviga as the digital gateway to a world where information is presented simply, transparently and fairly. The team is led by Sven Kirkerup, who has more than 20 years of financial expertise and many years of operational experience in the consumer goods, supply chain and technology sector. He started his career at Unilever, where he held various senior positions in Germany, Scandinavia, the UK and South America. Before taking on the role of Onviga, Sven Kirkerup held management positions at Unipart Group and the private equity-owned CEVA Logistics. He studied economics at ESCP Europe and the University of Oxford.

Welcome home to the world

Onviga is a Hamburg-based company and combines the tradition of trade and one of the most important ports in the world. We want to be the digital gateway to the exciting things in this world such as travel. The physical transhipment and storage of goods finds its digital continuation on the Internet where information is transported via global networks and stored and modified in countless places. Hamburg is a great platform for linking physical and digital trade. As honourable merchants, we love the central location of our office in the heart of Hamburg, not far from the harbour where the ships travel down the Elbe river towards the North Sea. Our two data centres in the north of Germany and the Rhine area offer the greatest possible security for travel lists, hotel COMP CARDS, images and the destination profiles. Certified and secure!